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Below are some of Larry's original acrylic paintings on paper.

Please contact Larry by phone or e-mail to arrange for purchases
or the commission of original artwork.
Gulf Coast Beaches Series
(Click on picture to enlarge) (Click on picture to enlarge)
Acrylic Painting of children feeding seagulls while wading in the surf
"Feeding the Seagulls"
29 X 21

Acrylic Painting of a beach scene of children wading in the surf
"Wading In the Surf"
29 X 21

Cities of the South Series
(Works in this series also available on Prints page.
(Click on pictures below to enlarge) (Click on pictures below to enlarge) (Click on pictures below to enlarge)
Acrylic Painting of Cafe DuMonde, New Orleans, LA
"Cafe DuMonde"
New Orleans, LA
21 x 29

Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA
"Esplanade Avenue"
New Orleans, LA
20 x 28

Acrylic Painting of Twentieth Street, Birmingham, AL
"20th Street"
Birmingham, AL
29 x 21

Acrylic Painting of Alabama Theater, Birmingham, AL
"Alabama Theater"
Birmingham, AL
29 x 21

Linn Park, Birmingham, AL
"Linn Park"
Birmingham, AL
E-mail or call for size
and price
Five Points, Birmingham, AL
"Five Points"
Birmingham, AL
22 x 30

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